Thursday, August 16, 2007

Human v2.0

Ich moechte Interesenten anbieten, Texte zum Thema Singularitaet in Bezug zu Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie einzuschicken. Bitte editiert, redigiert und im *.doc, sowie *.pdf Format. Die gesammelten Texte sollen in einem Journal im Jahr 2008 veroeffentlicht werden: Titel der Publikation: A. L. J. mit Schwerpunkt Singularitaet. Die ausschliesslich elektronische Publikation ermoeglicht es AutorInnen, Gedanken zum Themenbereich in deutscher, englischer oder franzoesischer Sprache zu publizieren. Im Anschluss kann ich mir eine virtuelle Konferenz zum Thema vorstellen. Live Chats oder Videochats koennen Teilnehmende miteinander verbinden, die individuelle Location waere also nicht wesentlich. Bitte weitersagen:

I would like to offer you the opportunity to publish texts on Singularity and Anthropology. Please edit and send in *.doc and *.pdf formats. I would like to publish an electronic journal in 2008: A. L. J. on Singularity. Authors may therefore publish their thoughts on Singularity in relation to Social and Cultural Anthropology in English, French or German. Probably things become so interesting, that a Conference about this field might be set up, providing chat and video chats. Please spread widely:

1 Open Journal Services: OJS is a software bundle to publish monthly, quarterly or yearly journals on behalf of interest. The GNU Licence allows to alter configuration and to distribute scientific work widely.

2 Open Conference Services: OCS is a kind of conference server implementation including lots of tools to deploy and manage papers and articles.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Humanities news feeds

Article Sender Free Articles on Humanities
A collection of free articles about Humanities.
Free articles about hundreds of topics, provided by
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Opinion can be substantiated in places where public discourse or information sources are available.
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Our educational systems may be contributing to the rearing of kids with almost monster-like personality traits.
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Many problems surface with this argument. Overcrowding may not be the root cause of such problems.
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Public has become more informed and consequently more proactive in matters that have wide ranging impact and does not hesitate in participating actively in voicing their opinion.
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Online poetry communities, in their simplest sense, are sites you join to share poems and to meet other poets who also share an interest in poetry.
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I have a few tips and pieces of advice for all of you budding artists out there.
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This interesting article addresses some of the key issues regarding death resources.
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