Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Otti - Life in Jazz

Otti Kitzler, 1942-1978, lived and worked in Vienna. At an early age he began to play the trumpet, years after he got to know Jazz, chewing gum and chocolate introduced by American soldiers. His parents supported him in becoming the best Jazz trumpet player. In 1964, he won the Jazz Festival of amateurs as the best solo musician in Austria. Studio recordings, the production of an EP and LP followed. His worldwide fame and success was also supported by "duells". These competitions of trumpet players profiled him in permanent competition in the fight for the top. Otti was the founder of Barrelhouse Jazzband 1959 in Vienna. Whether he practiced, played concerts or with his friends, friends and family had fun, and he was always "Hot Otti" with a perfect hearing, physical strength and breathing techniques to generate air columns and to shape tones with lips. The aim is a biographical documentary film about my daddy Otti, the analysis of backgrounds of his life; to show references to and integration into the global music and jazz scene; the reference of his passion for music of African origin and earlier jazz musicians' interpretations and auditory events in the first jazz clubs; but also his ambition to collect unheard tracks from Africa at that time. Traditional music, songs, instrumental performances and musical experiments influenced his musical career.

   Crowdfunding Otti

The financing of the project with crowdfunding makes it possible to let the audience participate in the success of the project: Working in archives, papers, documents, and activating the contacts should be maintained, firstly. To create a project base there are needed assets to promote collections of material, content creation, more conceptual work, international correspondence, telephone calls on * .mp3 and research. Image and sound material can be localized, as well as other media sources. Any license fees are separately loaded and negotiated. Here is the link: https://www.mycrowd.at/projects/1630 


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