Monday, September 05, 2016

CCV - Further Knowledge

Migrant communities are the topic of this filmic documentary in the UN International Year For People of African Descent 2011 in the capital of Austria, Vienna. The goal of this work is to give more understanding of a part of the African Community of Vienna. Africa breaks into pieces referring to economy and in social matters since decades, frequently denoted as the “poorhouse of this world”, as to be ... 


As I learned by listening and participating a little, Igbo in the diaspora community in Vienna permanently refer a good life to good money to prosper. Prosperity and material wealth, I perceived, are proof of living a good life under God. To maintain a good life, it needs game, entertainment and enjoyment, next to worshipping God, to find occupation and to speak and communicate permanently. Festivals and parties, service in church, and perpetual exchange of opinion and information indicate exemplary networking skills attended through hundreds of years.

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posted by Sybil Amber at 9/05/2016 10:33:00 AM


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