Saturday, August 21, 2004

Cover Letter

Cover Letter

I started my Performing Arts career when I was a child due to my daddy`s talents. Events in school gave me the chance to perform my musical and staged skills. I continued to work for my talents in High School by training my classical guitar skills permanently, which I finished in 1980, having exercised for eight years. During my teenage years I wrote many poems and I managed the school culture group. I published songs, poems and texts about culture items and movies and the like.Having finished High School with my diploma, I started to study at the University of Vienna and later concentrated on Ethnologies, Cultural & Social Anthropologies. During my studies I worked in the Hospitality business and in shops, where I sold tea, books, audio and video records. I assisted organizing events with culture groups and around the age of twenty five I prepared to change my life for the performing arts:
I shared an interest in performing art concepts and applied arts theory. I practised and volunteered in the fields of music and theatre.Finally I decided to start performing on stage and for a wider audience. I managed to have acting lessons to learn how to create acting. My teacher Edgar Fell taught me how to use myself as an instrument, which exposes my performance. I did what he said and began to work as an extra for movie and TV productions within the first year of my training. The second year I registered for agencies to find more qualified jobs, I worked for "Komissar Rex" and "Eurotrash". The oncoming years I developed my improvisation skills, which I could show in TV series. I began to survey theoretical texts about the performing arts and found two groups, which I called "The Acting Web" and "merzbuehne". My private life did not function well, so I focused on my career. More and more I involved myself by joining performing art groups to find an occupation based on contracts. I enjoy to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,
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