Monday, May 02, 2005


Maaporg finally has its own website and gives away for the best on - set record:

The vote will be based on poll, 50% to the polltakers and 50% to the
moderator to decide who wrote the best set report.

The actor/set reporter must meet the following conditions:

1-You must be someone who actually worked on the set and had the
experiences you are reporting; you can be actor, extra, pa and/or
crew but it must be your own experience not hearsay from someone else.

2-It can be a union or nonunion set, should be objective,
entertaining, useful and informative for fellow film/tv industry
professionals rather than like a Hollywoood gossip show.

3-It can be positive or a negative report, just no shilling, or taking
out grudges of any kind.

4-The report should be posted on the forums page in the
"Which are the best and worse sets for you" forum.

5-If this feature does well, I may pay the best actor/set reporters on
a regular basis for interesting reports on the website.

6-The person voted with the best report, by myself and the registered
members, will also get a free link to his/her website on the homepage(as long as the site is something reasonable).

7-The actor/reporters may remain strictly anonymous, use whatever
handle you want etc as long as the reports are factual based on your
direct experiences.


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posted by Sybil Amber at 5/02/2005 01:26:00 PM


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