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ANDERSON, Kevi: Ethnographic Hypermedia: Transcending Thick Descriptions
ASTUDILLO, Antonio: Simulacro de emancipacion. La representatiòn de la identidad mexicana en Malinalco
BAJAZ IRIZAR, Maria Paz: La representación de una presentación
BALL, W. Mattew: Understandig What We See: Subject, Author, and Audience in Visual
BALL, W. Mattew: Subject, Author, and Audience Revisited: Ethnographic Film Study
BANKS, Marcus: Interactive Multimedia and anthropology - a sceptical view (1994)
BANKS ,Marcus: Visual research methods
BAKKER, Kees: A Way od Seeing. Joris Yvens’s Documentary Century
BONTEMPS, Alex: Representing Slavery: A Roundtable Discussion
BRISSET ,Demetrio E.: Acerca de la fotografìa etnogràfica
BRUGNOLI, Valeria: Trazos Urbanos de una identidad
BRUNDRITT, Jean: Speaking without words: photography as agent in communication and self-representation
BURN, Tim: To shot or not to shot. Anthropology, Ethnography and the
Documentary in Relation to Aboriginal Culture
BURNETT, Ron: The eyes don’t have it:video images and ethnography
BURNETT, Ron: Critical Approaches to Culture, Communications and Hypermedia
CALLISON, Candis: Truth in Cinema: Comparing Direct Cinema and Cinema Verité
CAMPOS, Luis: Etnicidad e iconos no tradicionales de representaciónentre los Mapuche de Santiago
CARSWELL, Sue: Aesthetic Choices: Negotiations in the Field
CIARCIA, Gaetano: L’ethnofiction à l’oeuvre. Prisme et images de l’entité Dogon
CRINALL, Karen: My Aunt, Our Mother, Their Face: Sharing Identity in a Family Photograph
DADLA, Joy: Capturing the Past
DE FRANCE, Claudine: L’antropologia filmica: una genesi difficile ma promettente
DUFFIELD, Katie: Visual Research Method
FARIS, James C. : Photographic Encounters: Leni Riefenstahl in Africa
FLAHERTY, Robert J.: Life Among the Eskimos (1922)
FLAHERTY, Robert J.: How I Filmed ’Nanook of the North’ (1922)
FLAHERTY, Robert J.: Picture Making in the South Seas (1924)
FLAHERTY, Robert J.: The Handling of Motion Picture Film Under Various Climatic Conditions (1926)
FLAHERTY, Frances Hubbard: The Odyssey of a Film-Maker (1960)
FORBIS, Melissa M.: "This is my body": Gender, tattooing and resistance in the United States (1994)
FRIED, Gregory: True Pictures
FROST, MONTGOMERY, HINTON: The Acculturation of Film and Video in Anthropology Teaching
GARCIA, Antonio: La imagen etographica
GAULE, Sally: Juxtaposing Race: Configurations of Alterity in South African
GOLD, Steven: J. Arab Americans in Detroit (Photoessay)
GONZALEZ RAMOS, Ana Maria: Los graffiti de La Chana como proceso inconsciente de afirmación del barrio
GRADY, John: Reflections on Grounded Theory and Sociological Movie Making
GROSS, Larry: Life vs. Art: The Interpretation of Visual Narratives (1983)
JACKA, Tamara & PETKOVIC, Josko: Ethnography and Video: Researching Women in China’s Floating Population
JACKNIS, Ira: Alfred Kroeber and the Photographic Representation of California Indians
HENLEY, Paul: The Promise of Ethnographic Film
HARRIES, Patrick: Photography and the Rise of Anthropology: Henri-Alexandre Junod and
the Tonga of Mozambique and South Africa
HERENIKO, Vilsoni: Representations of Pacific Islanders in Film and Video
HUGHES-D’AETH, Tony: Ethnographic Photography and John Lindt
JAMES, Allison and BOOT, Jo: Anthropology Meets Photography on the Internet
JONES ,Nora L.: The Mütter Museum: The Body as Spectacle, Specimen, and Art
KANNIKE, Anu: Picture as a Source of Everyday Culture
KRASE, Jerry: The Present/Future of Little Italy (Photoessay)
KOURI, Mauro Guilherme Pinheiro: A Fotografia Mortuária na Cidade do Recife, Pernambuco:
Indicadores de um Imaginário Urbano sobre Fotografia e Morte nos Finais da década de 1990
KUPIAINEN, Jari: Toto isus, Charms and Photos: Visual Ethnography on Gatokae,
Western Solomon Islands
LAUGHREN, Pat and LONG, Chris: Australia.s first films: facts and fables
LEITE, Marcelo Eduardo: Militao Augusto de Azevedo: Um olhar particular sobre a sociedade
paulistana (1862-1887)
LEE, Kijung: Film, Culture and Generation Gap: An Anthropological Study of Chimhyang, a Korean Feature Film
LEONARD, Alex: What Filming Feels Like
MACDOUGALL, David: Social Aesthetics and The Doon School
MASLIN, Marcel: Baldwin Spencer, cinematographer
MASON, Bruce: The Digital Ethnographer
MATHERS, Museum: Reading Photographs (American Indians)
MICHAELS, Eric: TV Tribes (1982)
MICHAELS, Eric: A model of teleported texts (with reference to Aboriginal television)
MONRO, Kylie: Representations of Tibetans
MONTE-MOR, Patricia: Sobre antropologia e imagem
NORDSTROM, Alison Devine: Persistent images : photographic archives in ethnographic collections
OFFLER, Naomi: Shock, Judgement, and the Stereotype: Exploring the Role of Emotional Response in Ethnographic Film Reception
PEREIRA, Claudio: O filme etnografico como documento historico
POIGNANT, Roslyn: The photographic witness?
PULJAR, Sanja: The Impact of Filming on a Local Custom
PROSSER, Jon: Personal Reflections on the use of Photography in an Ethnographic
Case Study
RAMOS, Jorge: Acerca sobre las discursividades
RATCLIFF, Don: Video and Audio Media in Qualitative Research
REDDY, Prerana: The Emergence of Ethnographic Film Practice: Past Travels and Future
REINWALD, Brigitte: Film, orality and performance : "Keita - L’heritage du griot"
REYNA, Carlos: Video e pesquisa antropologica: encontros e desencontros
ROBERTS, Martin: The Self In the Other: Ethnographic Film, Surrealism, Politics
ROBINSON, Penny: I Had a Funny Experience One Day: An exploration of some aspects of
the experience of researching the life story of a New Zealand former Prisoner-Of-War using personal narrative, audio-recording and photoelicitation as research methods
REYNA, Carlos Perez: Video e investicaciòn antropològica
ROTHA, Paul: Robert J. Flaherty, a Biography by Paul Rotha. Edited by Jay Ruby
RUBY, Jay The Death of Ethnographic Film
RUBY, Jay: The teaching of visual anthropology (1989)
RUBY, Jay: Is an ethnographic film a filmic ethnography? (1975)
RUBY, Jay: Visual Anthropology ---------------------------- (Spanish version)
RUBY, Jay: Exposing yourself : Reflexivity, anthropology and film
RUBY, Jay: Seeing Through Pictures : The anthropology of photography
RUBY, Jay: An anthopological critique of the films of Robert Gardner
RUBY, Jay: The belly of the beast: Eric Michaels and the anthropology of visual
RUBY, Jay: Franz Boas and Early Camera Study of Behavior
RUBY, Jay: Out of th e Sync : The cinema of Tim Asch
RUBY, Jay: Speaking in tongues :Locating a New Voice for Ethnographic Film
RUBY, Jay: Up the Zambezi...
RUBY, Jay: The Viewer Viewed: The Reception of Ethnographic Films
RUBY, Jay: Some Oak Park Stories: Experimental Ethnographic Videos
RUBY, Jay: The Professionalization of Visual Anthropology in the United States - The 1960s and 1970s
RUOFF, Jeffrey: Conventions of Sound in Documentary
RUOFF, Jeffrey: An Ethnographic Surrealist Film: Luis Buñuel’s Land Without Bread
RUOFF, Jeffrey: On the Trail of the Native’s Point of View: The Göttingen International
Ethnographic Film Festival, Göttingen, Germany, May 11-15, 1994
RUOFF, Jeffrey: Reminiscences of a Journey to the Flaherty Film Seminar
RUOFF, Jeffrey: Around the World in Eighty Minutes: The Travel Lecture Film
RUOFF, Jeffrey: Can a Documentary Be Made of Real Life
RUSOWSKI, Daniela: Distinciones Históricas y conceptuales
SHERWOOD, Robert E.: "Nanook of the North"in The Best Moving Pictures of 1922-23 (1923)
SOCIETY FOR VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY :Guideline for the Evaluation of Ethnographic Visual Media
STRASSLER, Karen: Stories of Culture: Difference, Nation and Childhood in "Children of a
Thousand Islands", an Indonesian Television Series
TAKARAGAWA, Stephanie: Experimental Ethnography
TOMASELLI, Keyan & PRINSLOO, Jeanne: Video, realism and class struggle: theoretical lacunae and the problem of power
VASQUEZ, Fernando: Imagen, comic e antropologia
VEGA SOLIS, Cristina: Miradas sobre la otra mujer en el cine etnográfico
WILLIAMS, Carol C.: Photographic Portraiture of Aboriginal Women on Canada’s Northwest
Coast circa 1862-1880
WORTH, Sol: Studying Visual Communication (1981)
WORTH, Sol: Toward an ethnographic semiotics (1977)
WORTH, Sol: Margaret Mead and the Shift From "Visual Anthropology" to the"Anthropology of Visual Communication"
WORTH, Sol and ADAIR, John: Through Navajo Eyes


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