Sunday, September 12, 2004

Ton um Ton & Sybille

( Photo: Name unbekannt, Xeno- Gast)
Nun kann das TUT Personal Sybille schreiben und hat ein Photo von mir online...einfach ein gutes Plattengeschaeft mit vielen Beatles Platten. Heute hoere ich die Revolver CD seit ca. zwei Uhr, meine Lieblingslieder: She said she said, I´m only sleeping, Tomorrow Never Knows, I want to tell you, And your bird can sing ( can´t it?), Taxman, Doctor Robert und Good Day Sunshine. Das sind nur die heutigen Favoriten. Karl Badstoeber, es gibt ein Tonband mit einem wunderbaren Cover von " Rain", " She said she said", " Tomorrow Never Knows" , und so weeiiiiter, wo ist es? Und, um es mit Johnny´s Worten zu sagen: When I wake up early in the morning, lift my head, I´m still yawning, when I´m in the middle of a dream, stay in bed, float up stream, please don´t wake me, no don´t shake me, leave me where I am, I´m only sleeping: ev´rybody seems to think I´m lazy, I don´t mind, I think they´re crazy, running ev´ rywhere with such a speed, ´til they find, there´s no need, please don´t spoil my day, I´m miles away and after all I´m only sleeping. Keeping an eye how the world´s going by my window, takin´ my time, lying there and staring at the ceiling, waiting for- a sleepy feeling. Words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither, while they ask, they slip away across the universe. Pools of sorrow, waves of joy, are drifting through my opened mind, posessing and caressing me, Jay Guruh Day Vah- la- Ohm. Nothing´s gonna change my world. Images of broken light, which dance before me like a million eyes, they call me on and on, across the universe. Thoughts meander like a restless world inside a letterbox, they tumble blindly as they made their way across the universe.
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posted by Sybil Amber at 9/12/2004 05:46:00 PM


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